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Automotive SOTIF(Safety of the intended functionality) Practitioner List

1件目〜5件目を表示 / 全5件
Certificate No. Info Qualification Validity
Company FirstName LastName
1 ASI0020-2023-DNV Faurecia Clarion Electronics Co., Ltd. Takashi Taniguchi ASIP 08/12/2026
2 ASI0021-2023-DNV Faurecia Clarion Electronics Co., Ltd. Shinya Ootsuki ASIP 08/12/2026
3 ASI0022-2023-DNV IHI Corporation Kenji Ii ASIP 08/12/2026
4 ASI0026-2023-DNV Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions, Ltd. Makoto Suzuki ASIP 08/12/2026
5 ASI0027-2023-DNV Yasutoshi Suzuki ASIP 08/12/2026